Strolling Stories

Italian art and history through storytelling

Let a STORY be your GUIDE

Have you ever wondered what true stories of unrequited love and passion are locked behind the doors of the Roman and Italian Palazzi? What secret tales of betrayal, intrigue and adventure are etched in the stones of Italian streets?

Have a nice stroll with us and discover it!

"Stories in Italian Art"

March 2012 our new project "Stories in Italian Art" is born.


We will tell the most incredible stories drawn from Italian iconography

-paintings, frescos and sculptures-

The first part of the project is about the first Saints of Christianity.

Then we will proceed by big themes: mythology, biblical stories and noble families.

2013 - 2015


Recovering Landscape Narrative in Urban and Rural Europe


Strolling Stories are part of Seeing Stories with a story in Florence  "Ginevra degli Almieri "


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